virtual experience

Augmented Reality Extension

Continuing the trajectory of the "Play to Flourish" campaign, an augmented reality (AR) extension is being introduced to further amplify the exploration of play for college students. Building upon the visual puzzles, this augmented reality endeavor seeks to integrate mental stimulation and relaxation, enhancing students' engagement within Penn State's library environment.

Incorporating AR technology offers an innovative approach to encouraging play by blending the physical and digital realms. Just as the large visual puzzles have demonstrated their ability in captivating attention and promoting student engagement, the AR experience extends this impact by allowing students to play in immersive worlds that spark curiosity and foster cognitive exploration.

A Fun Takeaway

The augmented reality game apps offer students a fun and interactive takeaway from this campaign. Each game will be a digital manifestation of each poster's core objectives, enticing students to interact while nurturing the pursuit of a balanced student lifestyle. The games mirror the detailed scenes and thematic variety presented in the posters. Whether popping bubbles in a virtual bathtub or building a healthy virtual breakfast, students can seamlessly transition from the tangible to the virtual realm, all on their phones.

By harnessing technology to amplify the impact of the original visual puzzles, the augmented reality extension of this campaign aspires to foster further a culture of intentional breaks and rejuvenation within the lives of college students.