For the given assignment, the objective was to develop a project that promotes the idea of flourishing. The chosen approach involved employing visual puzzles as a means to capture the attention of library patrons. The intention behind this strategy was to encourage individuals to take a momentary break from their activities and engage with each visual puzzle, thereby informing them about the psychological advantages associated with playful interactions and the concept of flourishing.


During the ideation phase of this project, the aim was to craft an immersive experience tailored to the library's student demographic. Drawing inspiration from Walter Wick's renowned "I Spy" books, which left a lasting impression from childhood, the decision was made to create a series of captivating visual puzzles. These puzzles were designed to attract the attention of the library's heavy foot traffic and evoke a sense of nostalgia among those who had fond memories of reading the "I Spy" books during their upbringing. 



Over several weeks, an assortment of objects were collected for the project from a variety of sources. These items were thoughtfully arranged into four distinct scenes. Each scene creates a unique narrative, depicting scenarios such as friends enjoying a picnic, engaging in outdoor games, eating a healthy breakfast, and partaking in self-care activities on a cozy evening indoors. Beyond simply incorporating objects that complemented each scene, the inclusion of seemingly out-of-place items added an element of deliberate absurdity to each image.


Distinguishing color palettes were employed for each thematic composition, yet a unifying thread of yellow permeates throughout. The use of vivid, saturated hues in the posters was purposeful, aimed at evoking a sense of nostalgia and a childlike sentiment among the audience. These vibrant tones were also strategically chosen to captivate attention and remain distinctly visible from a considerable distance. In addition, the text at the bottom of each poster was composed in riddles, thereby guiding the initial focus and extending the notion of playfulness.


Each poster promotes distinct self-care methodologies, as conveyed through typography. Themes such as hanging out with friends, moving your body, eating a good breakfast, and taking time for yourself, are effectively communicated through varying typographic treatments. These treatments are tailored by the specific objects and elements in each poster, contributing to a cohesive visual narrative that emphasizes the essence of each self-care practice.