"Play to flourish" was created for the Penn State Library's Evanisko project. The Evanisko project aims to enrich the University Libraries, funding a three-year-long collaboration with the Graphic Design Department. This partnership establishes a program highlighting student work in Penn State's libraries. It also increases the visibility of the Libraries' Collaboration Commons as an exhibit center for thought-provoking and vibrant student works.

In this creative pursuit, the primary objective was to create work that promotes the concept of flourishing, the theme of the Evanisko project this year. The project also had to align with Evanisko's mission.

The heart of "Play to Flourish" revolves around flourishing. A conscious strategy was executed to capture the attention of library patrons, inviting them to momentarily detach from their routines and partake in a playful encounter with the campaign's visual puzzles. Beyond offering a brief respite, this engagement informs its audience of the psychological benefits of play and the broader concept of flourishing.

This series aims to strengthen the Collaboration Commons' mission to provide a platform for artistic expressions that inspire academic curiosity and emotional resonance.